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October  2024


Co-create and celebrate a global community in Asia

What’s New

Apr 1st

Colive Fukuoka 2024 webiste Open !

Apr 1st

Colive Fukuoka 2024 webiste Open !

Apr 1st

Colive Fukuoka 2024 webiste Open !

Apr 1st

Colive Fukuoka 2024 webiste Open !

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Liveable city in Japan*


Lonely Planet

52 Places to Go in 2023 The New York Times

The 10 Best Places to Visit in 2024

The Wall Street Journal

Fukuoka City is a gateway to Asia  with a history of trade with the continent dating back more than 2,000 years. It is a vibrant and modern city located on the northern shore of Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan's four main islands, with over 1.6 million people. It has excellent public transportation, and you can enjoy various hot springs and abundant nature on Kyushu Island. It also boasts outstanding access to destinations such as South Korea and Taiwan, making it an ideal hub for business and tourism.


Direct Flight

Direct Flights from Various Cities, such as Bangkok, Seoul, and Taipei


Close to nature

12 beaches with clear water within 30km of the city


Public Infrastracture

Only 10min by trains

from Airport



Ranked #2 of most comfortable city in Asia


Start-up friendly

The amazing city selected for the Startup Ecosystem




The local community is welcoming.We are waiting for YOU!


Best food city

Known for its street food. Named one of the BEST food cities in the country!

safe city


Ranked #1 of most desireble city to live in Japan


ColiveFukuoka 2023

People walking under the red torii gate

Neta Ludrinsky

Project Manager and Team Lead

I am really happy that I got to be in Japan for the first time with Colive-Fukuoka Program.
I was introduced to the local culture and people in a very pleasant and beautiful way, made new friends and had a lot of fun in the process.

People walking under the red torii gate

Daniel Duma

CTO of tech startup 

I felt extremely lucky to be a part of this programme. I cannot imagine having been exposed to this wealth of experiences in any other way but with the organisers giving it their all to make it happen. This brought us opportunities to connect with, discover and understand the culture that we wouldn't have had otherwise. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who is interested in discovering Japan while also enjoying one of the best coliving experiences imaginable.

People walking under the red torii gate

Bianca Vogelaar

Bianca: Client Success Manager

My experience with colive fukuoka was amazing! I was a bit nervous to come to Japan because of the language barier, but being with the group made it so much easier and made me feel more confident traveling through Japan further!

The group was amazing, theres always someone to hang out with.

I gained so many new experiences, made a lot of friends and so many memories made!



Feel free to ask any questions in  Discord Community for Colive Fukuoka,Japan.

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