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Participation Requirements

  • Understand that there are differences in values between Japan and your home country, and have an interest in a long-term stay as a digital nomad rather than as a tourist.

  • Have an interest in interacting with the local Japanese community and participating in local community programs during your stay.

  • Be a mature digital nomad with opinions about the future of digital nomads.

  • Actively participate in sharing information on social media using the hashtag #coliveFukuoka

  • Actively cooperate with the Japanese government and Fukuoka City for exchanging opinions and committing to improving the digital nomad environment in Japan.


  • Participants in this program are required to provide personal information such as name and address to the organizers, Fukuoka City and contracted operator yugyo inc., at the time of application. It will be assumed that you have agreed to the use of this information for future digital nomad reception purposes.

  • Regarding privacy policy, it will be assumed that you have agreed to the privacy policy set by yugyo inc..

  • Participants in this program will share information via SNS and websites. It will be assumed that you have agreed to the use of the materials recorded or filmed during the program for activities related to the reception of digital nomads by Fukuoka City and the Japanese government, as well as for corporate activities of yugyo inc., Ltd.

  • If you have any complaints or requests for deletion regarding the use of such materials, we will address them on a case-by-case basis, so please contact the organizers.

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